Criminalising Cartels by Beaton-Wells Hardcover Book (English)




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Autor: Ariel Beaton-Wells Caron Ezrachi
Language: English Erscheinungsjahr: 2011
ISBN-13: 9781849460255 Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 1849460256 EAN: 9781849460255

Criminalising Cartels by Beaton-Wells Hardcover Book (English)

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Kurzbeschreibung This book is inspired by the international movement towards the criminalization of cartel conduct over the last decade. Led by US enforcers, criminalization has been supported by a growing number of regulators and governments. It derives its support from the simple yet persuasive proposition that criminal sanctions, particularly jail time, are the most effective deterrent to such activity. However, criminalization is much more complex than the basic proposition suggests. There is complexity both in terms of the various forces that are driving and shaping the movement – economic, political, and social – and in the effects on the various actors involved in it – the government, the enforcement agencies, the business community, the legal profession, and the general public. This substantial volume captures the complexity of the criminalization phenomenon and considers its implications for building an effective criminal cartel regime, particularly outside of the US. It adopts a range of appr

Autor Ariel Beaton-Wells Caron Ezrachi
Herausgaber Ariel Ezrachi, Caron Beaton-Wells

Verlag Hart Pub
Veröffentlichung 2011

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EAN 9781849460255
ISBN 1849460256

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